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Nov. 3, 2011
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Real Men Charities, Inc., forwards White House “Strong Fathers, Strong Families” Initiative with International Men’s Day
‘Giving Boys the Best Possible Start in Life’ is theme of event at Chicago Vocational Career Academy

CHICAGO—The Nov. 19 observance of International Men’s Day at Chicago Vocational Career Academy (CVCA) will be opened by Kenneth Braswell, executive director of Fathers Incorporated, which recently was awarded a $7.4 million contract by the Dept. of Health and Human Services to manage and promote aspects of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. Focused on “Giving boys the best possible start in life”, the Men’s Day program will recognize prominent pioneer leaders for their work in laying the foundation that empowers a gifted group of younger men today. Panel discussions will be led by this younger group of leaders and focus on solutions to five challenges: Health and life expectancy; education; violence; rights to fatherhood; and real life choices.

International Men’s Day is recognized by the United Nations and observed in more than 50 countries. More than 1,000 people are expected to attend the free event, in partnership with CVCA and directed by Real Men Cook® co-founder Yvette Moyo Gillard, who leads the 23-year-old fatherhood movement that is addressed daily by Real Men Charities, Inc. The event includes a continental breakfast for early arrivals, music, solution based panels, holiday gifts sales by local vendors, health screenings, acknowledgement of leaders in the Chicago fatherhood movement and a free lunch. CVCA is located at 2100 East 87th St. The program starts at 9 a.m. “The effect of fatherlessness is the same whether it’s in the streets of Chicago, the desert lands of Africa or the hills of China,” said Braswell. “Giving boys the best start in life begins with ensuring a healthy and nurturing environment for our young men to thrive. For all boys, having a father is a critical component of that growth.”

Braswell’s organization is responsible for raising the visibility of fatherhood and mentoring initiatives of the Clearinghouse through social marketing, multi-media platforms, product development, as well as supporting national events, conferences and other activities of the Clearinghouse. Real Men Charities, Inc., has been an advisor and participant in the White House national fatherhood leadership efforts, helping to launch and promote the White House “Strong Fathers, Strong Families,” and the popular “Let’s Move!” initiatives to prevent obesity and reduce health disparities in the cities where Real Men Cook takes place across the country. (Visit for more information on these initiatives.)

“This is a real opportunity to bring even more attention to the future of our boys and the importance of fatherhood and mentoring,” Moyo Gillard said. “Real Men Charities, Inc., programming continues to bridge the gap, recognizing our stalwart male leaders who have passed on knowledge, wisdom, guidance and tradition to a new generation of males, committed young fathers and leaders offering solutions.” “We are interested in showcasing case study examples of solutions to the five challenges. This forum presents the best of what this mentoring has provided,” she said.

CVCA’s young new principal, Douglas L. Maclin, is an example of proven excellence and makes a perfect partner who was receptive and eager to open his school to the community, Moyo Gillard added. The International Men’s Day program coincides with Community Day at the school where CVCA’s programs will be showcased.  Also launching at the event is the Real Men Cook 2012 cook's registration and the Real Men Charities, Inc. Urban Youth Cafe, an entrepreneurship training program at CVCA focused on healthy lifestyles, home economics, food preparation, the application of the CLOCC 5-4-3-2-1 Go!™ messaging to lower childhood obesity and exemplary customer service training. “I consider the Men’s Day activities, what the Real Men team brings and the community, including young people, coming to our school for Community Day for a meaningful Saturday as perfect synergy,” Maclin said. “Our desire at CVCA is to give our boys and girls the best start in life. I’m excited that this international event will give our new school year a perfect start.”

Similar Real Men Charities events sanctioned by the leadership of International Men’s Day will take place in Real Men Cook cities of Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas.

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