Real Men provided their some of their favorite recipies for you to try at home.

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Macaroni & Cheeze
Sporty King
1 lb. macaroni
2 eggs
onion (diced)
1/2 lb. sharp cheese
1/2 lb. mild cheese
3/4 lb. American cheese (or Velveeta)
Lawry's seasoned salt, pepper, paprika
1 stick butter/margarine

Boil noodles. Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Cut cheezes into small squares
or chunks and place in Pyrex pan. When satisfied that noodles have boiled
enough, pour majority of water off. Pour remainder plus hot noodles on top of
cheese in pan. Slightly stir to distribute cheese and add stick of butter.
This has melting effect that will ultimately result in giving each noodle a
cheezy taste (rather than several white noodles in a row).

Mix eggs into bowl with onions, milk, seasoned salt and pepper. Number of
eggs used will increase firmness of finished delight. Lesser amount of milk
(or water) makes looser. Pour contents of bowl over noodles and stir,
distributing cheeze once again. Stir in small segments, rather than trying
to make one big stir. This will help flavor each segment of dish, and keep
you from making a mess on the stove.

If necessary, add milk and distribute until noodles are almost completely
submerged in liquid. Generously shake paprika over dish. This will result
in a golden red tone to your finished delicacy.

Cooking time varies from 30 minutes on, depending upon oven and firmness
desired. Pyrex dish helps you judge by color on bottom as cheese bakes.
Bottom will have golden brown crust look...but just because it's white does
not mean dish is not ready. What did they do before Pyrex? They ate a lot of
burned macaroni. (Otherwise, they looked at the corners of the pan.).