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The Texas Tornadoes Wings from Big Mama's Kitchen
Wings with A Texas Twist

Reginald Carpenter
Former City Attorney and Assistant Attorney General
1/2 pound of raw chicken wingettes
1/2 bottle of Tobacco sauce
1/2 bottle of Kraft honey barbecue sauce
Cayenne pepper to desired taste
Lemon pepper to desired taste
Louisiana hot sauce
1 stick of margarine

Season a 1/2 pound of raw chicken wingettes with cayenne pepper, lemon pepper and Louisiana hot sauce. Season flour with cayenne pepper and lightly batter wings in seasoned flour. Deep fry for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

After wings are done drain and add Reggie's secret sauce of 8 southern farm grown spices. You have to call me on that!

The Texas sauce is made by melting a stick of margarine in a sauce pan a long with 1/2 bottle of Tabasco sauce and 1/2 bottle of Kraft honey barbecue sauce then the 8 farm grown hand-picked spices bring mixture to a slow boil.

Dip wings the wings texas style - (wide and deep) and enjoy

For milder wings substitute Louisiana hot sauce in place of Tabasco